Unprotected wood is subject to mildew and algae growth, rot and decay, degradation from ultraviolet (UV) rays from the sun.  You can depend on X-Treme Powerwashing to restore your fence to its original clean, natural look and to protect it from damage resulting from exposure to the elements.

X-Treme Powerwashing uses a professional three step process to preserve a new fence or to bring your older fence back to an almost new condition.

  1. We gently remove dirt, mildew, and weathered wood fibers. 
  2. A brightening solution is applied to bring the wood back to like new appearance.  Think of the first two steps as preparing a canvas for new paint.
  3. To protect your wood into the future, we apply only the highest quality, oil based stain/sealer.

Everyone who has seen a fence restored by X-Treme Powerwashing is truly amazed at the results; they didn’t think it was possible.

Call X-Treme Powerwashing today to see what we can do for you!


Power Wash Fence in Chicago Area
What a Difference! Cleaned and Stained and ready to last years!

Fence Power Washing in Dupage County
Now thats how you improve your yard! Much nicer!

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